9.00-10.30 LorettoR.C.Primary School Shown around the school by Tyler and Sarah (P7 student council reps). I’ve found this to be a very effective way of seeing a school. The pupils are always a great credit to their school and complimentary about their education. I was very impressed by how all the teachers were consistently applying formative assessment techniques.

11.00-12.00 Back to the office to give a briefing to all members of the department about our service improvement plan; cluster working approach; and learning and teaching policy. I stressed the fact that we are all employed to help and support the teaching and learning process – helping to improve children’s life chances. We need to always bare that in mind. The next stage is for groups of staff to devise work plans for the coming year to support our departmental objectives. The feedback after the event would suggest that it was well received and that people appreciated being able to see the big picture and how their own role is important.

12.30 – 3.15 Met with Lawrie O’Donnell and Ian Graham of
Learning and Teaching Scotland. We were exploring how we could develop a mutually beneficial partnership between LTS and East Lothian. We focused on trying to create a different model of development work. The traditional model has been for LTS to second innovative members of staff and ask them to do national work. The problem with this approach is that it takes them out of the environment where they were able to develop their ideas in a real situation and that they are often spread too thinly to really influence the national stage. We are exploring a model whereby LTS seconds a person but they continue to work within their authority but with formal links to the national practice. We are meeting again on Friday to flesh out these ideas.

4.00- 5.40 Into Edinburgh to meet with
Roy Jobson, Director of Children’s Services for Edinburgh. Roy was Director of Education for Manchester for ten years prior to taking up his current post five years ago. I really appreciated Roy taking the time to share some of his wisdom and experience. I hope to be able to replicate some of these actions which will be of benefit to education in East Lothian. The fundamental culture which should underpin such actions has to be one of trust, building partnerships and engaging all stakeholders in the decision making process. Thanks