7.30-9.00 E mails and correspondence left over from yesterday.

9.00-10.15 Met with Sheila McKendrick. We completed and circulated the blank format Task Management Tracker

(this is what schools will use to complete their school development plan) – departments may wish to also use this format but HTs will give more information. We then put together an exemplar statement of intent which schools can use a model for their own purposes.

10.15-12.00 Additional Support for Learning Implementation Group. We are using a Task Management Tracker to monitor the implementation of our action plan. A key issue arose around the transiion of responsibility from children's servives to adult services.

1.00-1.45 Met with Alan Blackie to have one of our regular update meetings. This gives us a both a chance to clear up odds and ends and to update each other on confidential matters.

2.00-3.30 LNCT Local Negotiating Committee for Teachers – another very productive meeting with our union colleagues.

4.00-5.00 Robert Jones, the developer of
FREEMIS, met with me to dicuss how we could take it forwards. We feel this has great potential and I will be taking forward our ideas with a couple of possible backers who might enable us to develop a support package from FREEMIS (which is free) which could be commercially distributed.