Queen Margaret University College

QMUC is opening its new campus in East Lothian in August 2007. This presents exciting opportunities for all of us in East Lothian. I was at a presentation today about university and Jewel and Esk Valley College. Once again I was struck by comments made about how ill prepared young people are for university and even further education. Change in the school curriculum and the delivery of that curriculum is not an option – it has to happen and soon!

I really enjoyed meeting Elizabeth Cowan and Karen Robertson today – they updated me about e-live – we really have to start something similar in East Lothian – definitely next term. Their combined
weblog is worth looking at – welcome.

Hosted a brief farewell to our language assistants – including two from China.

Popped in to see David Scott this evening – he has his operation tomorrow at 8.00am – passed on everyone's best wishes – he was in good form and thanked everyone for their kind support.