I'm going to Belfast tomorrow for the
xchange conference.

I received this e mail today from Eddie Sloan – I'm sure he would welcome some responses from Scottish colleagues. I've invited him to keep a blog on Exc-el


Mon 5/6/06 4:50 AM


"eddie sloan" <eddie.sloan@parahillr7.sa.edu.au>



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Dear Don,

whilst looking at some educational blog sites I came across yours. My name
is Eddie Sloan and I'm a primary teacher in Adelaide, South Australia.
I thought I'd introduce myself.

I was born in Glasgow and came here when I was 8, that was 44 years ago.
I've been teaching here since 1976 and have seen some changes over that

I was looking at some of your blogs and felt that Scottish philosophies
may be similar to some of ours in Adelaide, eg. teaching for life long
learning and that we should teach students skills to learn not just expect
them to learn facts and figures.

Our state web site is called SACSA (South Australian Curriculum Standards
and Accountability)
WWW.sacsa.sa.edu.au and has companion documents that may
be worth a look.

Eddie Sloan