Value for money

Breakfast time in Belfast

I got into Belfast last night. The day had been taken up with a Directorate meeting from 8.15-9.30 – we made significant progress in the integration debate – then Education Committee in the morning. This was followed in the afternoon by scrutiny committee – we presented the SELS data on pupil opinion at P7 & S2. This information will prove to be critical over the next few years in helping us to plan and monitor developments in our service.

The title of this entry is value for money? Certainly some of my friends from home see this as a "jolly". Flights, accommodation and conference fees add up to a hefty sum. So I intend to try to make a judgement about the impact if the conference on myself and the strategic direction we are taking ICT in East Lothian.

The good thing about keeping a blog is that you can track how you have been influenced by certain events, meetings and people. My hope is that by Friday afternoon I'll be able to make a judgement one way or another. I'll try to update my blog throughout the next few days.

Off to breakfast.

PS I had a pint of the black stuff in The Crown – beautiful!!