Colin Sutherland

Chief Officer's Group Meeting this morning – this involves the chief officers from health, police, education and children's services. Our task is to ensure co-ordination of our various roles to help support young people and their families. We had a discussion about our capacity to write the integrated childrens' services plan. In the last few years the main responsibility for drawing together the plan has been taken up by childrens' services. We explored a number of ways in which this burden could be distributed or given to a "lead officer" who we might appoint using our changing childrens services fund. I wasn't too keen on this idea as I feel that there is a danger that all parties merely hand over responsibility to the individual and integration only happens in name only. I'm also dead set against plans which take weeks to put together but have very little impact on our practice. Before I could stop myself I had volunteered to take the lead role to draw up the plan. I'd like to discuss an alternative approach towards integrated childrens' service planning with the Scottish Exec'. We will discuss this further at Directorate level.

Lunch with Colin Sutherland, currently seconded to the Scottish Executive to manage the STACS programme, from his post as headteacher at North Berwick High School. I was fascinated to hear from Colin how they plan to change the ways in which schools are grouped into comparator schools. It sounds like the new system will be a lot fairer – I won't list them hear as I don't know if this is common knowledge – is it Colin? We also explored how we might link some of Colin's work with our SELS project – we discussed the possibility of trying to find correlations between pupil opinions and outputs from schools – hopefully Colin can join one of our sub-groups which will emanate from our 3-18 Learning and Teaching Strategic Group.

Back to the office for quick meeting to prepare for next week's LNCT meeting. then out to Gullane Primary School for an ED&R (employee development and review) with Maureen Tremmel. I was really impressed by the school and enjoyed discussing a wide range of issues with Maureen – I don't know who gets more out of these meetings – me, or the person getting the ED&R?

Here's a first go at the
MMM model I've had a go at three plans using the multiple metaphor outlines. The green infill indicates priority ways of approaching the task. The next stage would be to write a narrative for each of the plans.