Managing Change model

TUESDAY 14/6/06

The day was taken up with a meeting with Donald McGillivray of the Association of Hedteachers and Deputes Scotland – Donald wanted to go over some of the concerns his members had about some of the documentation which had gone out to schools recently about staff representative groups. We managed to clear things up and I'll be writing out to schools with confromation at our next LNCT (local negotiating committee for teachers).

Then on to the last nursery/primary headteachers' meeting of the sesssion – we were able to reflect upon the incredible amount of wiork we have got through in the past year. I was particularly pleased to hear how postive people were about the new development planning process we've put in place.

Finance meeting with anthiny Gillespie and Derek Haywood – there are still some issues to clear up about the next year's budget but hopefully all will be completed by this time next week.

Departmental Management Team meeting in the afternoon – it's the function of this group to look at matters which link education and children's services. Sheila Ainslie explained what's happening with ELIS – East Lothian Inclusion Service – this has real potential to become a much more significant part in our better integrated services plans.

I managed to get an hour and half at my desk – and had a few quick meetings with folk who popped in to see me. One of whom was Tom Renwick, a former colleague, who now runs Maths on Track

I couldn't update my blog last night – some technical problem – but spent an hour playing aroundwith the
multiple metaphor model of change and trying to develop a planning tool which people could use to set out a strategy for complex change projects. I'll post the model here in the next few days.