Whitecraig Primary School

Diary: 8.15 Met with an unsuccessful candidate from Friday's interviews to give feedback. I've learned to take copious notes during interviews in order to help me give productive feedback; met with member's of Chief Exec's office to discuss a range of issues relating to the department; met with the unions and employee development to look at our plans for 360 degree competence framework for next session. Every one has agreed in principle to the system and we were looking at how we tie it into the employee and development and review system; met with Derek Haywood and Anthony Gillespie to go over budgets; met with Liz Morris and Gael Gillan of the EUIS and LNCT to agree agenda for the next LNCT meeting; out to Whitecraig Primary School for Sheena Richardson's ED&R, a tour of the school and a chat with the staff.

During my tour of the school I discussed the use of interactive whitecoards with John Dagger – Whitecraig is our only school to have one in every classroom. John showed me how he uses it in class and but I was even more amazed to see Primary 2 pupils keeping their own webpages – similar to Bebo but in a protected environment – I've asked John if he will keep a blog on his work in class – get in touch with him for more info'.

In my meeting with the staff I reinfrorced the dramatic improvements which have been made by the school in the last session. Some attainment levels have gone up by 20% and there is a tangible improvement in the ethos of the school – a real team success.. I mentioned how our focus is on learning and teaching in the authority and that this will relate well to the efforts being made by the school.

Sheena is currently one of the HTs who is participating in our coaching programme – she confirmed that this strategy is very useful and it will be important for us to build on this success next session.