Determined to Succeed

Friday 23rd June

Diary: 8.15 Quality Impovment Team Update; People Strategy meeting with Alan Blackie, Clare O'Sullevan and Alan Ross; Department briefing; then into dinner jacket and bow tie to go out to Preston Lodge High School to officiate at the
Determined To Succeed Awards event. Julia Robertson and her team of supporters had put on a spectacular (really) event. I was overwhelmed by the range of things which pupils, staff and local businesses had been doing over the past year. At one point in the proceedings I got a couple of nursery pupils who were up on the stage to come forwards with an S6 student. I think this exemplied the notion of the 3-18 curriculum in reality – these pupils had been involved in events in which they had been the prime movers – enterprising, determined and engaged. If we can build on this level of involvement and collective commitment then I think the future looks exciting.

Julia Robertson goes back to Preston Lodge High School next year – we will miss her in the office but what an assett to any school!

Back to the office for a few e mails and then an afteroon off!!