Pupil Dignity

Thursday 22nd June

Diary: 8.15 Last interviewee for Quality Improvement Officer position; out to Meadowpark School ( I can call it a school as they have now been inspected) which is our severe and complex needs unit. I joined the staff and pupils for their circle time and was humbled – as I am every time I visit the school – by the love and support which embodies the place, allied to a very professional and determined approach to ensure that 'education' takes place. Lorna McLeod, the “excellent” headteacher described how the concept of dignity underpins everything they do with the children. Even in the presence of children with profound needs, who do not understand language, they never speak about a child in their presence. When carrying out cleaning, supporting bodily functions or adminstrating extemely personal medication they treat every child with the dignity they deserve. In our recent Learning and Teaching policy we highlighted the importance of unconditional postive regard – Meadowpark's concept of pupil dignity surely exemplifies this notion in it's purest form. If you can try to arrange a visit to the school – it certainly puts our own challenges and frustrations into perspective.

Back to the office for a briefing from Julia Robertson for tomorrow's Detemined to Success event; Local Negotiating Committe for Teachers; meeting with a headteacher.