Appreciative Inquiry

I’m enjoying having some to do some research around the
multiple metaphor model of change management I’ve been developing over the past few weeks.

I came across an interesting methodology today called
Appreciative Inquiry – a new one on me.

Anyone who knows me will understand why I’m taken by this approach, particularly given this analysis by Fitzgerald et al:

“It is not a technique or method per se, although there is a basic Ai approach that has been articulated in the literature and practiced in various settings. Most importantly Ai is an affirmative worldview that shapes what we look for in organizational inquiry. It involves a conscious value choice to seek the most affirmative, valuing, and generative information available. The intention is to discover and build upon the strength and vitality of human systems as experienced and reported by their members.”

(My emphases)

The only problem I foresee are from my farming roots where Ai stands for something quite different!!