Library service

I met Ann Johnston and Alison Hunter, who represent our school and community library service. In a wide ranging discussion we considered the place of libraries in the development of learning and teaching in East Lothian and the place of community libraries in community learning and development.

As the librarian at Dunbar Grammar School, Ann educated me about the potential contribution of school libraries to the learning and teaching process. We agreed that there is a huge disparity between how senior pupils are taught at school and what they will experience at University or College. We do no favours to children by the extent to which we spoon feed them – although nobody can question our motives. We need to develop the ability of pupils to learn independently and to make best use of learning resources such as the library in our learners. I'm delighted that Ann has agreed to join our Strategic 3-18 Learning and Teaching Group – and also agreed to keep a blog – watch this space.

Alison is going to join our
Cultural Entitlements and Education Group.