Authority obligations : four categories

In my last post I summarised the key statutory responsibilities for Education Authorities. I didn’t intend the list of responsibilities to be exhaustive and would welcome any additions which people might like to suggest.

These series of posts are linked to the question “Do I add value to children’s lives?”

I’ve grouped the statutory obligations into four categories: Educational Provision; Administrative; Resource provision; Educational Improvement

Educational Provision

Duty of education authority in providing school education

Home Education

Requirement that education be provided in mainstream schools

Pre-school education

Education of children unable to attend school

Additional Support for Learning


School Boards

Home to school transport

Placing requests

Grants – clothing etc.

Rights of appeal against exclusion

Resource Provision

Delegation schemes


Employer obligations

Educational Improvement

Education authority's annual statement of improvement objectives

Raising Standards

School development plans

Review of school performance

Inspection of education authority

Integrated Children’s Services

I’m not convinced that I’ve captured all of the obligations, nor am I sure of my categories are the best. I’d welcome suggestions.

Once I’ve been able to finalise these categories I’ll have a go at identifying those obligations where I can directly add value to the quality of educational experience we provide in East Lothian.