Vision – Glow/SSDN in East Lothian?

I've been asked to speak to our Glow/SSDN mentors tomorrow morning. What topic have I been asked to speak about? “My Vision”

A 30 minute chat about my vision for Glow/SSDN in East Lothian.

I think I'll try to cover the following bullet points:

  1. Strategic overview – what is we are trying to do? – multiple metaphors
  2. The planning process
  3. Learning and Teaching Policy – engaging learners and teachers
  4. 5Cs – consistency; continuity; collegiality; creativity; collective responsibility
  5. Cluster approach
  6. Systems thinking – all initiatives are connected – stepping stones
  7. Fire-aim-fire
  8. Reflection-in-action – blogging
  9. Non-deficit model – having faith in people
  10. No model of best practice
  11. Removing obstacles/removing excuses
  12. Avoiding Masterclass Handshake
  13. Mentors as Critical Friends
  14. Dependency – to independence
  15. Reversed hierarchies
  16. Community of learners
  17. Mutual benefit
  18. Extreme Learning/Connected Learning – an example
  19. Tipping point – an epidemic – connectors (SSDN mentors)
  20. Local action – global influence

Here's the
podcast of the presentation