What are people looking for in a blog?

I spoke this morning to our
SSDN/Glow mentors

During coffee I spoke to three people who had read my blog – each had a different opinion. One – who had accessed my blog when it was mainly a reference to what I was doing on a day-to-day basis – hadn't liked it and wondered if I had just been trying to justify my position. Another person said they had enjoyed reading that diary fromat but that my more recent posts were too in-depth and he didn't have the time to properly engage so had stopped reading them. The third person said something about the length of posts and didn't like it when they were too long or had too many links – yet I've spoken to others who appreciate the links and get something from following them up.

The conclusion? – I reckon it's up to the blogger to write in a way where they are getting something from the process – as I now say in my strapline this is now a “Learning Blog”, i.e. “Where I've been; where I am; and where I'm going” For me my blog provides a sort of strategic map – I really appreciate it when people comment but I'd still get value from my blog even if no-one was to be reading it. The judgement about the value of any blog for other people will always be in the eye of the beholder.