Chartered Teachers as leaders

Hilery Williams asked a really interesting question in relation to yesterday’s post on
Leading from the Middle when she asked if I thought there was role for Chartered Teachers in this area.

My immediate response was absolutely yes – they have a commitment to teaching, improving their practice and the curriculum – in addition to significant CPD focusssed upon the teaching process. However, the key distinction made between Chartered Teachers and Principal Teachers is the fact that CTs do not take on the management of other people. I’ve copied the remits from the
Teaching Profession for the 21st Century below:

Teacher/Chartered Teacher

Subject to the policies of the school and the education authority the duties of teachers, promoted and unpromoted, are to perform such tasks as the Headteacher shall direct havingreasonable regard to overall teacher workload related to the following categories: –

(a) teaching assigned classes together with associated preparation and correction.

(b)developing the school curriculum.

(c)assessing, recording and reporting on the work of pupils.

(d)preparing pupils for examinations and assisting with their administration.

(e)providing advice and guidance to pupils on issues related to their education.

(f)promoting and safeguarding the health, welfare and safety of pupils.

(g)working in partnership with parents, support staff and other professionals.

(h)undertaking appropriate and agreed continuing professional development.

(i)participating in issues related to school planning, raising achievement and individual review.

(j)contributing towards good order and the wider needs of the school.

Principal Teacher (Curriculum/Pastoral)

(a)responsibility for the leadership, good management and strategic direction of colleagues.

(b)curriculum development and quality assurance.

(c)contributing to the development of school policy in relation to the behaviour management of pupils.

(d)the management and guidance of colleagues.

(e)reviewing the CPD needs, career development and performance of colleagues.

(f)the provision of advice, support and guidance to colleagues.

(g)responsibility for the leadership, good management and strategic direction of pastoral care within the school.

(h)the development of school policy for the behaviour management of pupils.

(i)assisting in the management, deployment and development of pastoral care staff.

(j)implementation of whole school policies dealing with guidance issues, pastoral care, assessment and pupil welfare.

(k)working in partnership with colleagues, parents, other specialist agencies and staff in other schools as appropriate.

I suppose the extent to which CTs get involved in “leading” might be up to them – but as a manager I would not expect them to take on leadership roles as part of their remit. There are many teachers in schools who currently take on leadership roles , i.e. school based working groups – but who do so voluntarily. I don’t suppose there could be any objection to such practice based on the same principles……or might there???

Perhaps this is something we need to tease out?

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