I had the privilege of meeting
Shel Israel and
Rick Segal at the weekend.
Ewan MacIntosh had been the point of contact and I had been delighted that they had accepted my offer to come down to the Scottish Borders for a bite to eat and a chat about the use of social media in education – amongst many other things as it transpired. Shel has already written a very generous
account of his visit – so I won't go into detail here.

Shel and Rick are very different people but a very powerful combination. Shel's enthusiasm, positivity, and incredible experience (which he wields with a light touch) make him a joy to listen to. Rick is a listener – but watch out – he takes in everything you say, wraps it in a grenade, and then tosses it back to you – Rick I enjoyed the experience! If I knew that Rick was responsible for investing my money I would be very confident about the return.

We take great pleasure from welcoming people to our home and the
Scottish Borders and we were delighted that Shel and Rick seemed to enjoy themselves. It's sometimes only through the eyes of visitors that we really begin to see the quality of our own lives. Hopefully they can return here some time in the future.

I look forward to tracking the rest of their visit to Europe and hope to be able to stay in touch when they return home.

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