Carole Craig has written extensively on Scottish people’s ability to undermine ourselves and the fact that we believe that we shouldn’t “blow our own trumpets”.

I was reminded of this today when I was speaking to one of our head teachers.  I suggested that she was always seeking to push the reasons for any success in the school to her colleagues and was not prepared to accept any of the credit.

When I acused her of being self-deprecating she said “other people are a lot better at being self-deprecating than me”

 Why do we have such a problem accepting praise? 

3 thoughts on “Self-depreciation

  1. This book is attracting my interest – but I’ve yet to see a copy in Scottish shops! This speech which I found after following your link gives a good overview of how she sees the confidence issue.

  2. Don/David,
    I think this is a trait that we should take some care in tampering with. In my limited experience, I get the strong feeling that Scots tend to be trusted as a people by other nationalities because of a combination of straight talking and an unwillingness to overplay their own capabilities. I don’t think Carol’s thesis is quite right – the problem isn’t at the personal level; rather, I believe the main downside of the ‘trait’ is our readiness to play down the achievements of others. This is more damaging that our readiness to play down our own achievements.

    But I could be wrong 😉

  3. John – thanks for that. I too don’t go along with all that Carole says about Scots – although – I would agree with her that we often have a problem coming to term’s with other people’s success – and that is a handicap. How are you placed for a pint tomorrow?

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