Head Teacher Interviews

I was interviewing all day for the vacant head teacher post at Ross High School.

We’ve recently introduced a more rigorous long-leet process which has three parts.

1. Candidates were asked to write an essay in response to a set task which they received on the day. They had 45 minutes to write their response.

2. Candidates had a ten minute break and then given a scenario which involved them having to take a school assembly with five minutes notice – not an unusual occurence in schools. The candidate then had to present their assembly topic  in a role play situation where the interview panel played the part of the pupils.

3. The interview panel asked three questions relating to the written response which they had seen 15 minutes prior to the interview commencing. There then followed another 5 questions about issues which had not been covered in the first part of the interview.

We all felt that this approach was successful in providing a more reliable and comprehensive interview process.  However, this is still falls a long way short of how other organisations go about the interview process for senior positions.  I’d like to explore the introduction of competency testing and psychometric testing but any such move must involve teaching unions, personnel and parental groups.

I went out to the school board this evening where we selected the three candidates who will go forwards to short leet.

4 thoughts on “Head Teacher Interviews

  1. Perhaps you should consider DNA testing & medical history to see if there are any genetic/medical issues that would help in selection – Gattaca! Only kidding.

    But on a serious note. You describe the methods of selection for the “long-leet” but you fail to mention the criteria for selection. The essay, assembly scenario and questioning are methods or instruments used for selection, but what are the characteristics you are looking for with each of these?

    Another question that springs to mind as I write this is, do you have that many applicants applying for HT posts? I was under the impression that most councils were struggling to recruit candidiates for HT.

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