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Over the next few weeks we’ll be meeting with principal teachers from all of our secondary schools (we’ve already met with primary PTs and all schools’ depute heads). These meetings take place from 4.30-5.45pm and PTs opt into the opportunity.The first meeting took place this week and we enjoyed a very productive chat about how we go about developing PTs’ leadership skills. It looks like over 80% of  PTs have already opted into the voluntary programme – which is very encouraging.

Through “Curriculum for Excellence ” we have identified funding to help develop our PTs as ‘leaders of learning’. A key outcome of the meetings with PTs will be to shape that strategy.  It was interesting that none of the PTs who attended this week thought that the programme should require significant time out of school – even if cover could be provided – they want to be in their schools!

So what might be the alternatives? One of the things I talked about with Professor Richard Kerley, Vice Principal of Queen Margaret University College was the possibility of developing a leadership module for “Middle Managers” (how I hate that term!) in conjunction with ourselves. The module – which would be a part of a masters management programme – would adopt a blended learning approach with materials being available of the web and also involving face-to-face contact. The focus of the module would be upon leadership and management – and unapologetically focus on these to the exclusion of any educational content.

If we could match such a course – which might also be open to PTs from outwith East Lothian and other similar level managers from other fields – with some educational input we felt that there would be a significant demand.

Perhaps we could use of some of the funding to invest in developing a quality product for our PTs and other prospective leaders?

A key tenet of the programme would be to challenge the notion/assumption of the Leader as Superman – or Superwoman for that matter!!

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  1. Just a note to add that the PTs with Nursery responsibility also attended these meetings. It was great to meet other colleagues and hear how they got into education. I think the University link is a very good idea. Management courses and modules can make one more reflective, insightful and hopefully more effective as leaders and managers in our schools.

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