Extreme Learning Exemplar – “Where do Gannets go for Christmas?”


I started writing an extreme learning project by using a blog with questions which would lead learners through the process.

After trying it out it became obvious that this is far too restrictive – what we need are lots of exemplars which learners can use to shape their own ideas.

I’d welcome your help to shape up our first Extreme Learning project

If you would like user rights to enable you to contribute to the project just drop me a line.

1 thought on “Extreme Learning Exemplar – “Where do Gannets go for Christmas?”

  1. If I can be of any help I would be happy to contribute. I’m not a computer whiz-kid, but I have many personal interests and I might be able to suggest websites to add to your exemplar. I’m keen on local (and world) history, geology, gardening, cooking, art and craft. I currently teach P4 and P5 so unfortunately not in a position to try out Extreme Learning.

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