I’ve had some great feedback from head teachers this week about the swapshop session we ran at the recent head teachers’ conference. I think the photos show how engrossed people were in sharing their ideas. Take, for example, this photo showing Willie Galbraith HT Preston Lodge HIgh School and Anne Burke, HT Lorretto RC Primary school.


As a child (perhaps that should read teenager) of the 70’s my Saturday mornings were incomplete without with Noel Edmunds Multi-Coloured Swapshop.

Our swapshop idea required each head teacher to write down ten things they were doing in their own school to develop learning and teaching. After 5-10 minutes they were asked to move from their table and find another HT. Their task was to find as many other ideas which did not appear on their existing list – with a view to finding as many ideas as possible. They kept moving around the until time was called.  The winner had amassed a total of 26 ideas – including her own – well done Sheene Richardson – the bottle of wine is on its way. 

The result was incredible – far better than anyone might have imagined – and certainly worth remembering!!

Last point – as a result of this experience a number of HTs have arranged to go to visit their colleague’s school – most of which are outwith their immediate community. We talked about the positive impact such visits can have upon a school to have a visitor come to see good practice – a real example of win-win!