Community Learning and Education Links

We held our first of three seminars today to explore links between Community Learning and Education.  What was striking was that there are so many existing links between community education – in all its forms and our schools.

Community Learning and Education Links

Museum Service

The Museum Service support many curricular projects – they even offer a mobile service such as this display at Dunbar Grammar School.

Campie Romans

The museum service supported Campie Primary School set up their own exhibition on the Romans.

Active Schools

The Active Schools programme supports one primary school and one secondary schools active school co-ordinator in each of our communities. Our sports development unit promotes and develops sports in all our schools with international level coaches.

Eats Lothian Ranger Service

The East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service work closely with schools on a wide variety of environmental projects.

River Days

The Countryside Rangers set up this river survey for Wallyford Primary School.

Family Learning

The Community Learning and Development Team have arranged a number of school based family learning days which have been exceptionally successful.

8 thoughts on “Community Learning and Education Links

  1. Don, the first of your three seminars sounds really interesting and I look forward to finding out more about it. Is there any way I could participate in future seminars? One of our aims for this year as a school is to become more involved in the community and community learning would be a key part of this. Ollie

  2. I thought Thursday’s “seminar” was terrific, and a very valuable opportunity to meet others with a similar agenda. It’s striking how appropriate the various departments that met (sports, ranger service, museums, community learning) are for fostering the sort of cross-curricular learning that the Curriculum For Excellence expects. I look forward to meeting with schools to explore opportunities for collaboration!

  3. yes seminar was very interesting. The conversations led me to get on with setting upm y own blog

  4. Oops, Last comment seemed to have been sent before I had finished when I pressed space bar- still getting used to software. Check out my blog for more comments on this seminar and also IOL Scotland conference.

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