Extreme Learning – taking shape

The Extreme Learning exemplar is starting to take shape.

A number of things are emerging:

Perhaps we should have a number of project templates – not just about the look of the site – which would give students a scaffolding to build their project?;

It would help students if there was guidance in each of the knowledge areas which they could use as prompts for the sorts of things they might investigate. For example in maths – percentages; graphs; formula; trends; etc.

Perhaps this is where some differentiation can take place with different levels being made available to students and they choose which is appropriate for them? A basic level of Maths might just be about mentioning numbers and showing a graph; a more complex level might be where the students use the numbers to work out solutions or to provide evidence for what they are investigating.

I wonder of there are any geographers out there who could suggest what I might look at in relation to geography for the Gannet project?

As for assessment I think I’ll set up a comment page for people to leave a comment about the project but I’m also playing around with the idea of the project writer making up a test based upon all of the content covered in the project. The writer of the project might have to sit their test in exam conditions? It could also be available for others to try on line?

Last point does it matter of there is some plagiarism in the project? What happens iof a student coipies a piece of text from saomewhere on the web and inserts in their project.  I know the traditional approach is that they should write it out “in their own words” but what if the way in which it is written elsewhere says it much better. I have to admit to having put in couple of bits like that in my project. The point is – I am learning. Is that not the point?

3 thoughts on “Extreme Learning – taking shape

  1. The project is starting to take shape and I like the way that it is developing on your blog. I see that it has also attracted the interest of our MGS bird expert! Fantastic!

  2. My class have started their extreme Learning projects on Wikispaces. I have basically just let them get started. If you type “ormi” into the wikispace search engine you’ll find some of my pupil’s pages.
    I realise this is a very basic invite but as you will see my primary 7 pupils have already shown up my ICT skills.

  3. Jenny

    This looks very promising. You can let the pupils know that I’ve had a look. I particularly liked the Eastenders site!

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