Google Scholar

I had a day off today to catch up on some family duties. Whilst up in Edinburgh I had spare couple of hours and popped into the Central Library – I’ve always loved that building.

After searching through some reference books on leadership I sat down at a computer and searched for links on metaphor/leadership/change – I didn’t get much through the library links – most academic sites, like ERIC or JSTOR require registration – which costs.

I popped in a search through Google and was surpised when I came across Google Scholar – this gave me access to many books and papers – without cost. It enables the reader to access certain chapters of books – prior purchase. It’s great and I recommend it for anyone involved in academic study.

1 thought on “Google Scholar

  1. I agree with your Don, Google Scholar is a fantastic but under used resource. I think like Google Books and Google News lots of people just don’t know about it.

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