Amity 11: Blogging – a window on another world

I was captivated by the recent BBC series which tracked some our North Sea fishing fleet who fish out of Peterhead. Not least because the Doric was the dialect of my father and his family.

Since then I’ve been keeping up with Captain Jimmy Buchan’s blog. As an outsider I now have some understanding of the challenges and realities of his job.

This is often a forgotten benefit of keeping a blog – it provides a window on another person’s world – at a time when we are all so wrapped up in our own particular worlds. I think that’s why I’m so keen for different  stakeholders (there’s that word again!) keeping a blog on education from their perspective.

If you want to keep a blog contact David – it’s very easy and requires no techincal expertise (honest!)

2 thoughts on “Amity 11: Blogging – a window on another world

  1. This is a fascinating site. The links he has set up to weather lore etc are just great. I could spend a lot of time at this site. Being a North East loon myself.

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