ICT twin dimensions

We held our Education Policy and Performance Review Panel (PPRP) meeting today in Preston Lodge HIgh School.

The panel consists of elected members who scrutinise the work of the Education and Children’s Services.

We met in the school to show elected members how ICT policy is translated into action in our schools.

We looked at two very different examples:

  1. The first was a demo’ of the interactive whiteboard in a maths classroom. This looked at how technology was assisting and enhancing learning and teaching.
  2. The second was a visit to the art department to look at some digital animation and a film produced by students about the holocaust – one of the most exceptional films I’ve ever seen – regardless of who was the producer.

The councillors were very impressed and the visit proved so worthwhile that we intend to make school visits a regular feature of the PPRP programme.

Thanks to all at PLHS.

3 thoughts on “ICT twin dimensions

  1. Hi Don/David

    I have accessed the ‘link’ from home. I didn’t try a School. Understandably, ‘Youtube’ is firewalled.

    With great sorrow and credit, a very moving video. I have passed the details on to our RME Department and Faculty link. They are planning a cross-curricular project on the ‘Holocaust’ in the New Year.

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