Exc-el Board Meeting

We had our first Exc-el Board Meeting this afternoon.

Members of the group are: myself, Karen Robertson, David Gilmour and Elizabeth Cowan (ICT team); Ronnie Summers HT Musselburgh Grammar School; Lynn Lewis, class teacher, Pencaitland Primary; Ollie Bray, Depute HT, Musselburgh Grammar; Ewan MacIntosh, ICT team and LTS; Ann Johnston, Librarian, Dunbar Grammar; Dave Wharton, HT West Barns Primary; Tess Watson, Biology teacher, Knox Academy.

The group will be meeting on monthly basis for the rest of this session. We explored our vision for the next three years; how we take account of negative feelings towards blogging; an outcome focused CPD programme; project management programme for implementation; double site access edubuzz (pupils) and exc-el (others); and a business plan for a commercial spin off.

We agreed to invite 4 pupils to join our group but there is space for a parent member – any interest? Next meeting 26th February 4.00pm.

Last point – number of visitors acessing exc-el in December = 48,900

6 thoughts on “Exc-el Board Meeting

  1. I’m really sorry that I missed this – it’s one of the dates that I had received before being able to backup and then having some computer bother. Could the dates not appear on your blog for future reference? Or, dare I say, in a very Web 1.0 meeting request 😉

    I would have appreciated putting forward the way I was seeing things develop, which would nuance some of what you are suggesting above. For example, eduBuzz, as far as I (and the small team developing the portal?) had been concerned, would be a replacement for Exc-el with a different outlook which would have helped qualm some of the negativity to blogging etc. I’m also interested in what the business plan holds and what the role of the Board is in the project: advisory? managerial? strategic? tactical?

    We also need to be careful with stats – the December ones don’t include four blogs which bring in a fair amount of traffic – Ollie’s, Tess’s, Robert Jones’ and my own. That might make the stats closer to 80,000.

    Apologies once more for not being present, but it’s more misfortune than intent that I wasn’t able to take part.

  2. Oh all right then – I’d be an interested (but very ignorant) parent if no one else comes forward.

    “We also need to be careful with stats” How true! My favourite recent statistical artefact is the report that that Prestonpans is, after Edinburgh, the most expensive place in Scotland to buy a house. And Ewan, dare I suggest one of those paper things with boxes on that you pin on the wall as a partial backup for at least some of your computer wizardry? Happy New Year by the way!

  3. I would love a paper thing on the wall, but when you work over three sites, two organisations and around 800 appointments a year, computerisation is the only way to go to keep sane and not have to send thirty email every time you want a meeting 😉

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