Leadership training offer

I’ve been developing the Seven Sides of Educational Leadership over the Christmas break and would like to try it out on some guinea pigs (excuse me Guineapigmum).

I have it in mind to offer six (1.5 hour) sessions (4.30-6.00) where I would present the approach for any people who might be interested in applying it in their own context.  For your part you would have to put up with me, try out the ideas in your own context and be prepared to offer critical comments about the approach.

If you would like to participate just let me know via the comment box or drop me an e mail.  I think I’d limit the number of participants to 8 in the first instance. You do not need to hold a promoted post to take part.

6 thoughts on “Leadership training offer

  1. I’ve liked the idea of the metaphors and have tried to put them into action but they’ve not been intuitive in all projects, and I’d like to learn how to use them when other members of your team don’t (particularly working with people in other organisations who don’t share a culture). If there’s space or if my name gets drawn from the hat I would like to join you.

  2. The guinea pig is a diverse and multi-faceted species, with many varieties & subspecies yet to be discovered.

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