Service Improvement – communicaton and monitoring

We are constantly working to improve our communication strategies. We’ve had a go at drawing these elements together into one overall strategy.
Service Improvement – communication and monitoring strategy

1.  Staff Service Improvement Plan Formal Update – once per year (all staff)

Head of Education presents update on Service Improvement Plan

2. Directorate Meeting – Weekly

Director; Head of Education and Head of Children’s Services

3. Departmental Management Team – Monthly

Senior Managers from Education and Children’s Services

4. Chief Officers Group – Termly

Chief Officers from Education; Health; Children’s Services; Voluntary Services and Youth Justice

5. Head teachers’ Executive meetings – Monthly

Head teachers’ Reps with Director, Head of Education and QIM

6. Quality Improvement team briefings – every Friday 8.30am – 10.00am

QIO team, Head of Education and Business Manager and reps from Inclusion and Equality, and Principal Officer MIS with a focus upon operational issues

7. Staff Briefings – every Friday Morning 10.00am

All staff will be updated with the progress of the development plan as part of weekly briefings

8.  Departmental Whiteboard

Updated on a weekly basis following weekly briefing.

9. Comments Box

Staff are invited to leave comments about any aspect of the service

10. Education Support Officers meeting – Monthly

All Education Support Officers meet with QIOs and QIM

11. Head of Education Blog

This blog

12.   Communication Group – once per term

Representatives from all sections meet to discuss communication issues

13. On-line Standards and Quality Report

14. Service Improvement Plan – on-line and on intra-net

15. Employee Development and Review

Members of staff have the opportunity to comments upon aspects of the service

16. Strategic Groups:

3-18 Learning and Teaching;
ICT and Education
Finance Advisory and Scrutiny Group
Additional Support for Learning Implementation group Communication Group

17. Quality Improvement group Meeting: Monthly

This group will monitor the Service Improvement Plan

Maureen Jobson
Alison Wishart
Val Irving
Don Ledingham
Sheila Ainslie
One other Pupil Support rep’
Derek Haywood
Kirsty McCrae
Karen Robertson
Helen McMillan
Pauline Sales
Raymy Boyle
Margaret O’Connor

5 thoughts on “Service Improvement – communicaton and monitoring

  1. As someone not working in the centre I find this really interesting. I am also really pleased to see that your blog is part of your communications strategy – I think that’s very forward thinking.

  2. Perhaps the communication arrangements around the service improvement plan should also include the channels of communication with service clients, such as students, parents/carers, colleges and employers? These external channels help provide feedback for monitoring and evaluating the improvement system, and taking corrective action.

  3. David

    You are right to point this out and this is something which we are developing through things such as SELS, the on-line Standards and Quality Report, school visits and exc-el.

    It was just that some people said they didn’t know what was going on with the service improvement plan and we thought it might help to outline what we do to inform people at the moment.

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