Exc-el – a worldwide resource?

I received these posts from Hilary Holt – the message says everything – Over to you David

Subject: information please!
Date: Sat 20/1/07 6:47 PM
From: “Hilary Holt”
To: dledingham@eastlothian.gov.uk
I read a reference on your blog that the East lothian site had information by Maureen Grainger and Claire Sime of Educational Psychology Service  summarising educational theories.
I have looked at the site but could not find this information…I wondered if you could give me more details.  I am researching information to help a friend who is currently studying a NVQ level 4 Child development
best wishes
Hilary Holt

Subject: Re:  information please!
Date: Sun 21/1/07
From: “Ledingham, Don” <dledingham@eastlothian.gov.uk>
The link is http://www.exc-el.org.uk/content/index.php/main/teaching_and_learning/everything_you_wanted_to_know_about_teaching_and_learning_but_were_afraid_to_ask
I hope this helps

Subject: Re:  information please!
Date: Sun 21/1/07 7:47 PM
From: “Hilary Holt”
To: “Don Ledingham”
Many thanks for such a speedy response! It is an excellent site, but I
wonder if your webmaster could add some more tags so that a wider audience
would find it…though maybe that’s not what it has been designed for.
I am living in Portugal where I used to teach and it is difficult to get
much information apart from on-line!
best wishes
Hilary Holt

6 thoughts on “Exc-el – a worldwide resource?

  1. The Ed Psych stuff would really benefit from either being posted on a wiki or, better still, in shorter posts through a blog. Then people could probe and ask further questions and the content would get a higher rating on search engines, too.

    The great thing about weblogs is how they attract attention above their weight. This is all in the way they are built and their RSS feed, which means the content gets replicated and linked to far more among the web.

    This is something David and I have in the planner, but it’s one of many tasks we need to get done to get eduBuzz off the ground and running. Thanks for sharing the mail!

  2. This is a good point. The key – at the moment – to finding anything on the original eZpublish-based Exc-el site is the Exc-el logo up at the top left of the current Exc-el home page. That may have been OK for those people for whom it means something, but for new visitors like Hilary it simply doesn’t. In the short term, what if I:
    – raise the profile of the non-blog part of the site by providing some links aimed at first-time visitors
    – put in a Google search across the whole site (orig Exc-el and blogs)?

  3. Why not just put the content into blog format for the reasons I suggested earlier? It’ll raise the profile of the content and then we can draw attention to it in other less subtle ways 😉

  4. Yes Mark…it was me…Hilary Holt from Edge Hill..now living in Portugal, but still on the computer as always!!! And where are you!

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