Extreme Learning Update

We reconvene our Extreme Learning Group in late February.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been playing around with an on-line Extreme Learning project. Hopefully this will be completed by the time we meet but it has been useful in enabling us to try out the theory and smooth out some of the technical and educational challenges presented by the concept.

I recently met with David Gilmour – our Exc-el guru – to explore the development of Extreme Learning templates. The idea would be that we can set up a variety of templates which pupils could use to give shape to their project and be tailored to their ability – differentiation in action!  The obvious progression is to make the templates gradually more dependent upon the pupil’s judgement and expertise but to provide a fairly closed environemnt for the first attempt.

By the time of our next meeting we hope to set these templates up and be ready to try them out with a variety of pilot groups of learners in schools and community groups.  If you think you would like to work with a group of learners on a voluntary Extreme Learning Project drop me a line.

8 thoughts on “Extreme Learning Update

  1. Don
    Our EL after school club is starting after the holdiays are there any further developments on a template?

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  3. Hiya – I teach at a primary school in England (hope you can understand my accent!) and am keen to start up an Extreme Learning after school club in the autumn term. Is it possible for me to join your website and receive notification when you add further blogs related to this topic or would that be a pain?
    I am finding your blog really interesting. I set up blogs for the pupils in my class this year.Hmm… am thinking maybe the Extreme Learning projects could be in that format. Can we use any blog provider or would we have to be a part of the ex-cel community to use your forthcoming templates?

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I hope you come back to see this, but we are about to publish many of the hows and wherefors of the project. I’d recommend using WordPress Multiuser, either set up on your own server if you have the expertise in the school or by using a third party provider such as edublogs.org.

  5. Thanks – we have been using Blogger. I’ve not heard of WordPress Multiuser. Seems I have some investigating to do…

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