Implementation Strategy – a eureka moment

We had two key meetings today where the implementation strategy we are developing in the authority became more explicit.

By implementation strategy I mean the way in which we move initiatives and developments forward within the authority.

For example, if we consider three different initiatives such as A Curriculum for Excellence; Leadership Development; and Learning and Teaching.

The Implementation Strategy for each of these has some fundamantally common features:

  1. Recognise and take account of the different contexts in which we work;
  2. Seek to embed within existing practice as opposed to “bolting on”
  3. Promote shared responsibility for implementation – try to avoid a ‘central/authority’ person to whom is given the responsibility for implementation.
  4. Make best use of existing expertise at all times unless absolutely necessary
  5. Promote organic and long-term development over short-term unsustainable development
  6. Always attempt to build upon existing good practice and reaffirm the connections between new and existing practice
  7. Always focus upon meeting the needs of children – what difference will this make?
  8. Find ways of measuring and judging the impact.
  9. Continually reinforce links between other developments and areas of practice.
  10. Build teams to develop and share practice.
  11. Link theory to “nuts and bolts” i.e. reinforce the practical applications and impact.

2 thoughts on “Implementation Strategy – a eureka moment

  1. I think number 8 is the often the hardest to quantify. The strategy you outline is similar in a number of ways to the smart targets I try to set the children.


    and more often than not it is the Measurable aspect that is the hardest to realise. When looking at the “softer” personal skills or the impact on teaching & learning (depending on area) it is frequently difficult to quantify an improvement although you often believe it has occurred. I’ll be looking with interest to see how you create a benchmark to gauge your success.

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