Chartered Teachers’ Meeting


Just finished a seminar with our Chartered Teachers.  26 CTs attended, with a couple of apologies – 95% take up rate for a 4.30-5.45pm meeting – there’s an important message there I think.

I was amazed how many different providers they are using and the variation in cost. We tried to brainstorm the problems and issues facing CTs and then tried to work out some solutions.

A big issue was the feeling of relative isolation experienced by CTs – they have to do it on their own with little advice or moral support.  We explored things such a mentoring, regular meetings and a CT BLog – watch this space! 

I came away from the meeting uplifted by the professionalism and determination these people have to make an impact on education in their schools – we need to tap into this resource.

Last point – perhaps the greatest thing which CTs can bring to a school is their capacity to critically reflect upon their own practice – if we could just enable this group to promote this type of thinking in our schools then their contribution to the development of education in East Lothian would be immeasurable.


4 thoughts on “Chartered Teachers’ Meeting

  1. I enjoyed the Chartered Teacher seminar tonight and felt it was a great starting point. We clearly are a very diverse group who have a lot to benefit from greater communication.

  2. A CT blog would be great for people like me also. I’m approaching the top of the pay scale and therefore beginning to consider embarking on the Chartered Teacher road. I’d love to be able to read other people’s experiences before committing.

  3. Becoming a Chartered Teacher has been the best thing that has happened to me in my teaching career. I did the modular route at Stirling University and got my MEd at the same time. I felt empowered by the whole experience, went on to do a secondment afterwards and then felt that I wanted to move into management after all so I became a Depute Head 1 year after qualifying. I would recommend becoming a Chartered Teacher to anyone.

  4. Lynne Lewis and I did set up a CT blog a few years ago but there was very little take-up.
    The information there will now be out-of-date.
    Good luck to whoever takes this forward. I certainly would have liked to join a community when I was going through the process.

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