Is the grass always greener?


I had two conversations today where people made a case that other authorities were providing more resources for particular aspects of education than we do for the same aspects in East Lothian.

I must admit that this is probably one of the most challenging parts of the job as any kind of justification or explanation on my part always sounds like an excuse or bureaucratic “spin”. The reality is that some authorities will spend more on some parts of education than we do in East Lothian – just as we will spend more than they do on other aspects. 

The recently published  Local Authority Spending on Education for 2005-2006 gives some indication of where East Lothian sits in comparison with other authorities but even with such a publication it’s sometimes difficult to make comparisons – such are the different structures for delivering education.

I think this underpins why ‘transparency’ is one of the key principles we are trying to live up to in East Lothian – “what you see is what we get”.  There is still work to be done before we really get to the point where every aspect of funding is crystal clear.