Exc-el Parental Roadshow


We held an Exc-el Open Group meeting this evening.

We discussed the permission forms which parents will be asked to sign to enable their children to participate and have their images displayed on school websites.

Christine – AKA guineapigmum – suggested that it would be good to speak to school boards about blogging/use of images/learning through the web.  The idea quickly developed into a Parental Roadshow which we intend to offer to each cluster group in the summer term. 

We thought me might be able to link this with the associated developments surrounding the Parental Involvement Bill

The evening might look something like this:

  • start with a presentation by teachers, parents and children relating to how they use the web.
  • Followed by a “come and try” session.
  • Rounded off by an opportunity for questions and answers

This might prove to be a popular event and enable schools to draw more parents into involvement whilst also reinforcing  cluster identity.

Who wants to go first?

3 thoughts on “Exc-el Parental Roadshow

  1. We will – we have already had a discussion about something similar for the summer term in MGS. Nick Morgan for LTS has also offered to contribute if necessary. The only thing that is holding us back is the AV system in the hall. Hopefully we will have a new ‘bells and whistles’ system in place, which will provide us with a powerful tool for training students, parents and staff.

  2. We have covered a lot of very good work in GPS and I would be up for a look at the details. More info and discussion would be welcome.

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