Harvard Graduate Summer School

I’ve been  invited to attend the Harvard University Summer School on evolving a leadership vision from the 12th – 20th July.

It is my intention to set up a separate learning log where the five Scottish participants can post their thoughts, experiences and links to a single point of reference.

I’m really looking forward to what, I reckon, will be a unique experience.  The programme runs from 8.30-6.30 each day with only 45 minutes for lunch.

It is my intention to continue the Learning Log throughout the programme.

3 thoughts on “Harvard Graduate Summer School

  1. Maybe your Learning Log would meet this requirement of the course?

    Reflective Writing
    Reflective practice is the cornerstone of professional growth and is an essential part of LEV. You will keep a journal responding to each day’s issues and discussions—reflecting your thinking, experience, beliefs, and expectations. Through writing, you will develop the self-knowledge that supports able leadership.

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