I got home early this evening as I had to pick up my car from the garage (another story)

It’s great to start to be able to have some daylight when I get home so I took the dog for a quick walk.  It was a biting cold wind so you can imagine my surprise when I heard a Skylark singing high above my head. This is one of my favourite birdsongs but I was amazed to hear it over a month earlier than ever before – global warming?

3 thoughts on “Skylark

  1. Forgive me for hijacking your post, but I have a suggestion. I see from Alan Coady’s blog that he has set up a page where students can post questions, and receive answers. Would you consider setting up a similar page, for teachers, parents or students? I am a keen blog reader and have sometimes wanted to ask a question, but it doesn’t seem appropiate to but in and tag it onto an unrelated post, as I have resorted to here! Do you think a forum/page for questions would be useful?

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