A Scottish Education

If only to hear pupils describing their experiences in Scottish secondary schools then I can recommend listening to the 30 minute programme broadcast by BBC Scotland.

A range of compelling reasons for change.

2 thoughts on “A Scottish Education

  1. Hi Don,

    Thanks for pointing this out, I have listened to the first five minutes and will go back for the rest – a really interesting programme.

    On a similar note, can I recommend the film of young people’s views on the new Enquire blog. I asked the young people to make the film for our recent conference ‘Making transitions work’, to tell the delegates about their past or present experiences at school and their ideas for how schools can help pupils. The link is in this post: http://www.enquire.org.uk/youngpeople/wordpress/?p=11.

    I think the film could be an interesting starting point for discussions with other young people, as well as giving food for thought for adults! Comments and questions on the Enquire site are very welcome.

    All the best,

  2. Thanks for pointing me to this Don. I found it really interesting. I loved the comment from Lucy who said that “school was at the wrong time” for her when all she wanted to do was be with her friends and look cool but she is now loving the learning experience at college and looking forward to going to University. My coaching brings me into contact with people for whom memories of their school education are not wholly positive – yet it gave them a solid basis for their next stages, whatever they turned out to be.

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