Dunbar Primary Provision

East Lothian Council met this morning to consider a number of reports – one of which was ours on Dunbar Primary education provision.

The vote went 20-3 to reject our recommendation for two separate schools.

The decision reflects the democracy in which we live. 

This has been a significant learning experience for me

4 thoughts on “Dunbar Primary Provision

  1. All you can do, Don, is give the best professional advice you can – and you did that. It’s not your job to try to second-guess local opinion or to work out the political ramifications of a recommendation. That’s for the elected members and the local community to work out between them. Local government officials will always be stuck in the middle in these circumstances.

    As you say, though, democracy is all. As Churchill rightly observed: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” I hope it all works out for Dunbar and for its young learners.

  2. I think that evryone needs to look forward now. The desicion has been made and I am sure that the education department will do a first class job in developing the new school. I hope that it can be as eco friendly as possible. There are lots of grants about. There are already 2 wind turbines at Hallhill how about another 2, solar pannels and a heat pump the school could sell power back to the grid? It could make a profit in the long term?
    In the immediate future the parents have serious concerns about the overcrowding at the current school. little or no PE not enough time to eat lunch class sizes over 30 pupils the dangerous carpark and crossing on Countess Road. The list goes on. Temp units will not create PE space or dining space more teachers and classroom assistants are also going to be needed. What is the solution?

    Gordon Saunders

  3. It’s good to see that parents can make a difference. After the second public meeting, I felt that the decision had already been made and the consultation was a mere “tick the box” exercise. So well done and thank you to everyone who helped to influence the final outcome.

    Like Gordon, I am confident that the education dept will do a good job but I hope they can continue to consult and involve the parents as the project progresses.

  4. Gordon and Morag

    Thanks for your comments.

    If you have specific concerns about current issues at Dunbar Primary school please contact the head teacher.

    We will be working with architects, parental representatives and the community council to ensure that the future provision is of the highest possible quality .

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