Rest-and Be-Thankful

 A83, Glen Croe, Rest & Be Thankful RLH.jpg

Rest & Be Thankful are the words which are located on a stone near the junction of the A83 and the B828, placed there by soldiers who built the original road in 1753. The original stone fell into ruin and was replaced by a commemorative stone at the same site.

I always think these are appropriate words to describe the end  of term for teachers.

Unless you’ve been a teacher yourself you can never fully appreciate how exhausting teaching actually is. 

Can I take this opportunity to thank all East Lothian teachers and support staff for the work they’ve undertaken for their children over the last term and I hope your break is restful. Well done for making it through to the end of term.

3 thoughts on “Rest-and Be-Thankful

  1. I know you’re using the Rest and be Thankful as a metaphor, Don, and a nice one at that – but my wife’s father, Jim Phillips, fenced the RaBT in the 1960s. He was a fencing contractor at the time and spent a whole summer (1965, I think) fencing off the sheep from the winding road that snakes over the pass. Anyone driving that road today can see the nice ‘new’ fence alongside the road, but the remains of Jim’s old fence are still very much in evidence slightly further back in places along the route.

  2. Don
    As a teacher in Argyll & Bute I often think of ‘the rest’ in both directions as I drive too and from the ferry.
    John I will look out for that fence on tuesday as I drive to Glasgow

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