Getting Things Done

As readers of my log will be aware we are placing a huge focus upon developing leadership skills within East Lothian. However, we must not forget that sometimes people’s ability to lead effectively is seriously compromised by the challenge provided by the huge array of day-to-day managerial tasks.

To support school Head Teacher’s and Depute Head Teacher’s in their managerial roles, Rob Lewis has been running some informal workshop sessions on the concepts of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” These sessions illustrate how this personal productivity system can help alleviate stress caused by the modern day complexity of “work” and get people focussed and “in their zone” when they need to.

The sessions are a useful way to informally share personal experiences and tips/techniques between staff – an opportunity to openly discuss how people define, organise and then do their “work”. We all find our own systems to keep us organised and focussed, but we don’t necessarily tend to share the application of these.
There is great potential in continuing the learning in a virtual environment. Rob will be setting up an area on East Lothian Council’s e-learning webite – LearnNet – for HT’s and DHT’s who are interested in looking at the application of Getting Things Done and sharing their own tips and experiences with others in a similar role. LearnNet is a great medium for learning and development – it has some powerful support features for those accessing the material.

Our thanks to Rob for offering these valuable sessions – the feedback has been exceptional.

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  1. Could this be opened out beyond the categories of HT & DHT? Might there be a space for, say, a wiki, where the various strands of the profession could post and download tips?

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