A week since my last post. It’s just that time of year.

Appointment panels, report writing, presentation preparation, e-mails, Integrated Children’s Services Plan and meetings — lots of meetings.

We held our last Head Teachers’ conference of the year today and it proved to be well received – although I think we pushed it a bit in the afternoon by having too many direct input sessions.

The highlights of the day were Alan Ross’s presentation of GIRFEC; discussion about our emerging leadership strategy; Ronnie Summers’ session on edubuzz and the role of HTS; a presentation from PTs Pauline Inglis and Kathy McGrane on PTs as Leaders of Learning; and a discussion on the implementation strategy for learning and teaching.

The evolving aspiration to achieve excellence in learning and teaching; leadership; and self-evaluation help to provide a real foundation upon which we can build the future of education in East Lothian.

3 thoughts on “Off-line

  1. I think you are right that it was pushing it in the afternoon,despite the offer of a pint. It would be good to have a HT conference with no agenda and see what happens. Or a HT conference with a thematic and focused agenda with only one or two items to cover. It is a valuable time just getting together with colleagues. Sometimes a very full agenda just gets in the way.The agenda changed on the morning of the meeting yet there was still too
    much content to get through. The feeling after the meeting amongst colleagues was not as positive as it could have been. The previous HT conference saw items dropped from the agenda due to lack of time. I would welcome a complete rethink of how we plan and deliver HT conference days as I am not sure that at present they are as productive and inspiring as they could be. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

  2. Angus

    Thanks for this.

    We have set up a group of HTs who will be helping us to design our conference programmes for the coming session. I’ll make sure your suggestions are discussed. The Hts are Patricia McCall, Freda Ross and Dorothy Bartholomew.

  3. Thanks for this. I am not the only one that felt things could be improved.
    I feel that if we are to be professional, reflective leaders we should also be confident that our views and opinions and ideas are valued and taken into account.

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