Linking Learning and Teaching, and Enterprise


One of the consequences of national initiatives such as Determined to Succeed is that they can appear to be divorced from the day-to-day learning and teaching process.

I went along today to present the Oscars for an ICT and Enterprise event.  It’s at events such as these where we see the natural interface between enterprising classroom approaches and learning and teachng.

Scott Lavery – our Determined to Succeed Officer – describes on his blog a very exciting project taking place at Wallyford Primary School.

“The P7’s now have a number of projects running in class which they have responsibility for and also which incorporate elements of AiFL and CfE.  The children themselves were extremely positive and motivated by the tasks which in turn kept them focused on their work.  In addition, each child in the class set their own goals which they are working towards in class which related to one or more of the 4 Capacities of Curriculum for Excellence.”

Scott is to be congratulated for reinforcing the classroom appplications of enterprising approaches.