Don’t judge my potential – you have no right

One of the goals we often espouse in education is to help children reach their potential.

Perhaps our greatest problem is that we actually think that potential has a limit!!!

If you have 11 minutes to spare watch these videos and take some time to think about how often you have used the phrase – “I want to help children to reach their potential”

I’m guilty as charged!

The Moon Comes Up

A Credo for support

5 thoughts on “Don’t judge my potential – you have no right

  1. I believe that if we reach for the moon, we might land on a star – I’m not being soft, reaching our potential is that much of a challenge but one we have to keep striving towards.

  2. I still find it interesting when we have teachers along with pupils (young or old) undertaking some Outdoor Learning with us, and they say “I didn’t realise …. was able to do that” or words to that effect.

    We often see learners (of all ages) extend themselves when with us and raise their potential to increase that potential.

    The challenge may be how to carry that back into the more formal learning environment.

  3. When you are a class teacher and every child in your class knows and understands that you believe they all have limitless potential then you can all shoot for the moon.

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