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I’m going to be writing a monthly piece for TESS which will be published on the third Friday of every month.

I intend to use the opportunity to explore a range of issues in, what will hopefully be, a thought provoking manner. 

I’d welcome any suggestions for possible articles.

7 thoughts on “Times Educational Supplement Scotland

  1. Don,

    I’d love to see a piece on how you manage policy to resolve the conflict between perceived liability for, and the benefits of, the use of social media in education. What is it that your team does that allows you to be so entrepreneurial in your approach to raising attainment through the use of digital media?

    I know you’ll be reluctant to either blow your own trumpet or place petards under other authorities but I really would like to know how we can adopt and develop this approach nationally.


  2. I think that Glow needs to move centre stage, particularly in terms of how current teacher professionalism in Scotland sits with the great investment and opportunities that await. What I’m saying is…do you think it will be VFM?

  3. I would also second Nick, especially how using social media in schools across the nation in a cohesive manner.

    Also from a probationers point of view and fresh out of the Teacher Training ‘system’, I would really like to see how Teacher Education is keeping up to date with the changing education climate, ACfE, AifL, sustainability, citizenship etc etc let alone the use of new technologies in the classroom.

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