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I received a comment from Guarav recently about mental maths.  He pointed me towards his site

Here’s what his site claims for vedic maths.

Benefits of High Speed Vedic Mathematics.

High Speed Vedic Mathematics is more than 10-15 times or over 1500% times faster than the normal mathematics. How do we say this? You can test it yourself. We tested a normal student to calculate 998 x 997; he took the time of 85 seconds and did it correctly in the normal way. And then when we taught him the Vedic Method of Multiplication the same person could do it in about 5 seconds. Not only did this person suddenly become more confident , bubbling with energy and high self esteem . He wanted to solve more problems which showed a remarkable increase in his interest in the subject.

  • High Speed Vedic Mathematics is 10-15 times faster than normal Maths.

  • Better and Much Improved Academic Performance in school and Instant Results.

  • Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.

  • A Complete System comprising all the benefits of Mental Maths .

  • Develops Left & Right Sides of the brains by increasing visualization and concentration abilities.

  • Vedic Mathematics cultivates an interest for numbers and eliminates the math-phobia present in the students.

  • Vedic Maths is easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to remember.

  • Increases your speed and accuracy . Become a Mental Calculator yourself.

  • Improves memory and boosts self confidence

My reaction to such hype was the application of the Scottish double positive”aye right”

I tried out the tutorial on instant subtractions “all from 9 and the last from 10” – it really works!!!!

Try it out yourself.

Does this have any potential for our children in East Lothian or would it just confuse? – any maths teachers out there?

I think I would have loved this as a child.

6 thoughts on “Vedic Mental Maths

  1. Hi Don,
    Thanks for this post of yours.

    Trust me, Vedic Math works like crazy. When I started it some 7 years back I was sceptical whether it would work or not, cause the book I referred to had made equally tall claims. BUt when I started doing it I realised these skills are amazing. I mean I could do a random 998 x 997 in less than 5 seconds flat and division of any 5 digit number upon a 4 digit number in less than 15 seconds. That too corect to 4 decimal places. Imagine the speed. It was then I decided I should promote this incredible work and started giving workshops across the country.

    I Hope this method helps you and others alike.

    My VEry Warm Wishes to you.

    Gaurav Tekriwal
    The Vedic Maths FOrum India

  2. I’m going to stick with ‘aye right’ for now. Having watched a few of the tutorials it seems all they do is apply simple processes that only works in certain situations. I’m not a very good mathematician but I would rather know the first principles and understand why I can piece them together to answer any problem than a few neat tricks that only work when the last number is 5.
    That said I’ll remain open minded about it, I’ve only looked briefly at this.

  3. Thanks for this – I’m going to try this out on a few classes this week. It happens to be the Scottish Mathematical Council Conference in Stirling this Saturday, so I’ll run by a few delegates to catch the reaction.

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  5. HI Stuart Meldrum ,

    The Examples which I’ve showed on my website are very simple.
    The Vedic Methods work for every situation – u can do squares of 2/3 digit numbers in less than 7 seconds or even less. U have a common method which works for all the methods.

    U have to remember patterns thats all.


  6. I have produced a series of handouts explaining the basic concepts of Vedic Math. These handouts are free and can be accessed at:

    If anyone has any questions regarding these handouts, contact me at


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