Teachmeet is the ‘unconference’ approach to professional development in East Lothian. TeachMeet, involves short, sharp demonstrations of one technology, showing its whole potential in no more than seven minutes. The team then reverse engineer what went into the product of the teachers’ learning, leaving plenty of time to play and discover new skills. Crucially, they leave time at the end for planning to integrate the new skiills into the teachers’ learning and teaching.

You can catch up here with some of the outcomes of the recent Teachmeet held at Ross High School, Tranent, for primary and secondary teachers.

Who says you can’t have fun and learn at the same time?

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  1. I have just enjoyed viewing the animations. The animations at Pencaitland PS site are also excellent! I must admit I wasn’t aware of the 7 minute principal when I got the brief to teach the podcast session however I trust it was a fairly interactive and useful session to the attendees. There are a couple of examples of the podcasts at https://www.edubuzz.org/bilstephen.

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