A Curriculum for Excellence – Learning Teams

I can recommend the blog of three Primary Teachers from East Lothian who are seconded for two days a week to promote A Curriculum For Excellence within East Lothian.

The Learning Team approach is key feature of how we intend to take forward professional and curricular development in our schools.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

 All About Us…..We are:

Sheila Howat – Acting Principal Teacher at Ormiston Primary School. I currently share a Primary 3 class with our probationer. I was seconded for one day a week last year to work on Mathematics within East Lothian and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with different schools, classes and teachers. When the opportunity for this secondment arose I was excited by the challenge and keen to learn. I was eager to explore how we could offer more personalisation, choice, relevance, challenge and enjoyment to the children in our classes. Watch this space to find out more!

Jackie Hunter – Class Teacher at Prestonpans Primary School. This year I am teaching Primary 4 with a probationer. This is the first time I have ventured out on a secondment and I am looking forward to developing my own teaching and learning skills as well as working with the children in a different way which will hopefully give them more opportunities to personalise their learning in a relevant and challenging way.

Katherine Macnaughton – Class Teacher at Campie Primary School. I am the third secondee and I am currently sharing a Primary 2 class with a probationer. I put myself forward for this secondment as I wanted to discover and develop good practice within the authority in relation to the Curriculum for Excellence. I am hoping this will benefit my own professional development and in particular my teaching which in turn should really benefit the pupils. I think it is an exciting time where the children are personalising their learning which should not only motivate them to succeed but raise their self esteem.

I’m looking forwards to tracking their progress over the rest of this session.