Higher by YouTube?


As ever Ewan MacIntosh is worth watching.

He’s currently working in New Zealand – (sshh – don’t mention the rugby) – but still found the time to put up a post about Berkley University placing lectures on YouTube

It’s just one small step from here to think about putting up entire courses on the web for East Lothian students to access at home for revision, or home study if they couldn’t access a course in their school.

I would like to take Intermediate 2 French  – any offers?

6 thoughts on “Higher by YouTube?

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  2. Robert – I realise this but something like this might just tip the balance.


  3. Why not use Teachertube.com? Looks identical to YouTube, but with the added advantage that content can be easily downloaded for Powerpoint presentations, etc. Another advantage is that its a lot easier to flag unsuitable content…

  4. Stuart

    Thanks – I hadn’t heard of teachertube until a few weeks when somebody dropped me an e-mail in connection with this post. It looks like it might be a better bet.

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